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Conveyors, Inc.
Conveyors, Inc. is a long-time IBT Industrial Solutions resource for bucket and screw conveying equipment. Since 1974, they have been offering manufacturing components and engineered systems for the bulk material handling industry.

Conveyors, Inc. has earned a reputation as an industry leader through engineered solutions for virtually every material handling challenge. Custom design abilities are available, including food grade applications and equipment regarding a USDA or ASME certification.

Their products are manufactured in mild steel, all grades of stainless steel and abrasion-resistant, hardened alloy materials. IBT is a major distributor of Conveyor, Inc. products, such as:

  • Screw Conveyor Components — Unique made-to-order screw conveyor components that can be manufactured to the exact OEM or customer specifications. CI can handle a wide range of materials and thickness to offer you a affordable solution to replacement parts.
  • Screw Elevators, or Vertical Screw Conveyor — A specialized screw feeder that is capable of moving bulk materials vertically where a very small footprint is required. Consists of a conveyor screw rotating in a tubular housing with a suitable inlet at the lower end and an outlet at the upper end
  • Belt Conveyors — CI now has a Belt Conveyor Division focused on the design, supply, and manufacture of belt conveying equipment including but not limited to: Belt Conveyors, Belt Feeders, Radial Stackers, Tripper and Shuttle Conveyors, Overland Conveyors, Hoppers & Bins with integral Belt Feeders and cleated sidewall conveyors (aka Z-Belt or Pocket Belts or Corrugated Sidewall Belts)
  • Drag Conveyors — One of the most energy efficient ways to convey bulk materials over, under and around other equipment when space is limited with little to no product degredation. They require less horsepower an dare available in two basic designs: Round bottom housing and flat bottom housing.
  • Mixers & Blenders — Standard sizes up to 90" diameter can be provided in both ribbon and paddle type mixers for capacities up to 660 cubic feet per batch.
  • Bucket Elevators — The most efficient way of conveying bulk materials vertically. CI bucket elevators are available in three basic designs: Centrifugal discharge, positive discharge and continuous discharge, depending on the bulk material’s characteristics and volume. Each can be customized, as well.
  • Complete Conveyor Systems — Select one of our state-of-the-art components, or allow Conveyors, Inc. to manufacture the fully integrated conveyor system you need to get the job done.
  • Custom Designs — Any CI product or system that you require for your specific application job can be custom designed to meet your needs.

Visit us online: conveyorsinc.net

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