Here you will find helpful instructions and/or video tutorials on how to access, use, and modify many things associated with your personal and organization’s account on ShopIBT. Simply click the “+” to expand each section.

You can also view or download our User Guide:  
Welcome to ShopIBT

What are the different ways I can search for items?

How do I find a specific brand, and their products?

You can search by your preffered brands easily by selecting the Brands tab in the red navigation bar. Here you will see the logos of our featured brands at the top, and an alphabetical index for easy searching. Click on any brand to search that brand’s products.

How do I checkout with items I have put in my cart?

How do I find a branch closest to me

To find your local branch click on Locations in the top left corner of ShopIBT. Here you can search for any IBT location.

Can I return an item?

If for any reason you need to discuss a return, please contact your local branch so they can further assist you. Just select the Locations link in the top left corner to find your local branch’s information.

My Account — Account Settings

How do I activate my account on ShopIBT?

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

On the ShopIBT login page click on the “Forgot Password” option. From here, you can enter your username, and a link will be sent to the email address associated ro your username.

How do I update the settings (email, password, shipping address) associated with my account?

Once you sign into your ShopIBT account, go to the Account Settings page, or navigate to the My Account dropdown menu on the top right corner of the page. Once here, click the down arrow, and select Account Settings. From your Account Settings page, you can click on “Change Email” and a pop-up window will display your current address. Click in this window and from here you can update your email address. Once updated, hit save! Your email address is now updated. You can repeat this process to change your password as well.

To change your default shipping or billing address, please contact your local branch or the IBT Credit Department at [email protected] and send them an email with your updated information.

My Dashboard

How do I use the My Dashboard page?

Why is my homepage stuck as My Dashboard?

Try going to the My Dashboard page. Near the top right of the My Dashboard page there is a check box that says “Make Dashboard my Homepage”. If you wish to have the traditional ShopIBT as your homepage, make sure this box is NOT checked.


Why am I not finding my part when I search?

If for any reason you cannot find the part you are looking for, please select the Special Quote option. From here you can request this to be added to the ShopIBT site, and our team will prioritize this entry. We are adding more products every day and want to ensure you can find what you need.

What if I don’t have a PO#?

Most companies require a PO #. If yours does not, then we suggest putting in your name and the date for easy tracking.

How do I change an order after I have submitted it?

To further assist you in this, please contact your local branch. To find your local branch click on Locations in the top left corner of ShopIBT. Here you can search for any IBT location.

Can I get some help?

Sure thing! To further assist you in this, please contact your local branch. To find your local branch click on Locations in the top left corner of ShopIBT. Here you can search for any IBT location.
Repeat Buying on ShopIBT


How do I upload a list?

Once you are on the My Lists page, either select an already existing list, or hit the red “Create List” button, give your list a name, and hit the “Create List” button a final time.

Once your list is created, click on it to open up the List View page. Once there, you can click the black “Add Items” button, and then select “Upload Items” on the left side of your screen to open the “Upload Items to List” box. In this page you will also find instructions, and a helpful template to ensure a succesful upload. If you receive any errors when uploading, please review the instructions to ensure you are ahering to the file and row parameters.

Can I share a list?

Sharing a list is easy on the ShopIBT site. Just cick on the My Lists tab in the red navigation bar, or from the My Dashboard page. From here, your lists will be displayed. Select the list you would like to share. In the top right corner of your list, you will see four black buttons; Copy, Share, Delete and Edit. Click on the Share button. From here you will be prompted to set the permissions and enter the email of who you are sharing with. Hit the red send button, and you’re all set. That person will now receive an email with a link to access your list.

Who can I share with? Are there any limitations?

Lists can only be shared with someone who has a ShopIBT account. They are sent via email, and will include a link to the list for easy access.

How do I delete/unfollow a list that was shared with me?

To leave a list that you have been shared into, simply go to the My Lists page, and to the left of the red “Add List to Cart” button there will be a “Leave List” option. Click this and you are all set!


What is a Quick Order?

The Quick Order function allows you to add several items to an order, and then move them to a saved list or directly to your cart for checkout. Click on the Quick Order tab in the red navigation bar or use the Quick Order section on the My Dashboard page. From here use the search bar to find the item then click “Add to Order” to add the item to the order. The order will then appear at the bottom of the page. Use the “Add All to Cart & Checkout” button to move the order to your cart. Use the “Add All to List” button to save the order as a list and use the list to easily reorder items in the future.

How do I use the Order History functionality?

How do I print an order?

You can print a previous order at anytime by going to My Dashboard, selecting Order History and then the specifc order you wish to print. Once you select your desired order, there will be a black button at the bottom right of tha page to Print. Hit Print, and you’re good to go.

How do I upload an order from a spreadsheet?

Why do I see ships in 2 to 3 business days?

Typical orders ship from our Central Distribution Center in 2-3 days. However you can always reach out to your local branch and request them to stock tha itme. Just ask, and we’ll get you what you need.

Why can’t I see the order history for all of my company?

In Order History you will be able to see all of the order history for your specific Bill To accont. However, you will not be able to see other locations information.

How do I track my order and its status?

You can check on the status of your order, anytime. Just click on the Order History tab in the red navigation bar and your order history will be displayed. From here you can check on the status, see the total, and even review the details of the order contents.

How do I save an order?

You can save an order or cart by simply going to your cart and clicking on the black Save Order button above the order details. Once you click this it will display the saved order, and provide a button to link you back to your Saved Orders. Here, in Saved Orders, you can view and manage your saved orders.

How long can I save an order for?

The save duration for an order is currently 90 days. If you would like to permanently save the order, we suggest selecting that order, select the Add All to Cart option. Then, simly click on your cart, and select the Add All to List option to save this as a list with your own personalized label.


What does the Special Quote or Add to Quote option mean? What is the process?

For cetain specialty or custom items, a quote is needed. This quote, once submitted will be sent to your local branch. From here the branch will reach out via email or phone to confirm necessary details. Once the order is submitted it will then also live on the ShopIBT site in your Order History so you can easily reorder next time.
User Administration Resources

My Account — User Administration

How do I create another user for my company?

Select “My Account” in the top right corner of the page. 2. Select “User Administration”. 3. Once on the User Admin page, select “Create New User”. 4. Complete the User Setup form, and be sure to include all information. Here you can select the role the user has, and an approver if they will need purchase approval. 5. Click the red “Create User” button. From here an activation email will be sent to the new user with steps to activate their account.

How do I update an user’s information?

People get married, and transition to another companies everyday. It’s life. So, we’ve made it easy to update user’s information or even deactivate their account all together. You can do this easily on the ShopIBT site by acessing the User Admin login. You must be logged into the User Admin login to perform this action. Once logged in, navigate to My Account — User Administration. From here select the name of the user. This will reopen the User Setup window and allow you to edit their information like name and email address. From here you can also uncheck the “Active” option under Status, which will deactivate the user entirely.

What is the definition of each role under User Administration?

When creating a new user, you will be presented with options for assigning roles to each user. Here are the definitions for each role:

User Administrator: Full access to My Account. Can order over budget. Can see invoices and orders for users that the User Administrator is assigned to. Default approver if none is assigned to a user.

Buyer Level 3: Can order over budget without approval. Can see orders and invoices. Cannot access User Administration, Budget Management, or Requisition Approval.

Buyer Level 2: Over budget orders require approval. Can see orders. Cannot see invoices. Cannot access User Administration, Budget Management, or Requisition Approval.

Buyer Level 1: Cannot be assigned as an approver. All orders require approval. Can see orders. Cannot see invoices. Cannot access Order Approval, User Administration, Budget Management, or Requisition Approval.

Requisitioner: Can only place requisition requests. Cannot place orders. Cannot access Order History, Invoice History, Order Approval, User Administration, Budget Management, or Requisition Approval

How do I delete a user?

Currently you cannot delete from the User Administration page. You can deactivate the user from the User Administration page which will restrict their access to the site.


I have some suggestions and feedback about the ShopIBT experience — how can I share this?

We love to hear your suggestions and comments. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us by visiting our Feedback page, or follow the Feedback link located under Support at the very bottom of the ShopIBT page.

I have feedback to share on a specific order — where can I put this?

Want to add a note with your order or a specific item? No problem. Just go to your cart. From here you will see each item listed. Each item will have an Add Item Notes option. Here you can add a quick note about your order like what color you would like.