Website Features

Thank you for being a customer at! This site was designed with you in mind. We’ve built many features to increase your productivity, save you time, and make your purchasing job more streamlined and convenient. Explore those features here ...

My Account Features:

My Lists

The My Lists functionality gives you a way to save (and share) groups of products that you buy on a regular basis to cut down the time it takes to locate the items each time you need them. Go there now >

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Quick Order

Our Quick Order functionality allows you to populate and upload Excel templates so you can quickly add dozens of items automatically into your shopping cart — saving tons of data entry time! Go there now >

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Order History

View, search, filter and place reorders from your Order History. You can easily locate orders based on order number, order total, order date, PO number, or even down to an item number included in that order. Go there now >

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User Administration

The User Administration feature lets you to manage site users within your own company. You can add users, deactivate users and change permission levels on demand. You can also manage workflows and budgets with three unique buyer levels, and create requistioner/approver roles, all from one easy-to-use interface. Go there now >

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Finding and Ordering Product Features:

Instant Pricing and Availability Data

Instantly see your price and warehouse availability for both your local branch and the main warehouse in Kansas City, so you have all the information you need to make the best purchasing decision.

Search Options

Our enhanced search functionality allows you to search by product title, product description, keywords, and by IBT part numbers, the manufacturer part numbers, industry standard part numbers, or your internal part numbers (once provided to IBT). As you type in the search box, recommended products and categories appear to help you quickly find the correct item.

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Delivery Options

You can choose between having your order delivered or picking it up at your local branch. You can also choose your delivery or pick-up date up to 90 days out from the date of your order. If choosing delivery, we also have multiple options for you to choose from: FedEx, UPS, IBT delivery (where available). Choose the option that works best for you!


Finding the nearest branch can be done using the Locations page. Branches can be searched by zip code, city, state or location name. Users can also view contact information and directions via Google Maps. Go there now >