Tutorial Videos

Here you will find helpful video tutorials on how to access, use, and modify many things associated with your personal and organization’s account on ShopIBT.

Account Management

Account Activation

How do I activate my account on ShopIBT?

Account Settings

Learn how to update your email address, password, and shipping defaults associated with your account

Forgot Password

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

Create New Users

How do I create another user for my company?

Manage Existing Users

How do I update an user’s information?

My Dashboard

How do I use the My Dashboard page?

Searching Items

What are the different ways I can search for items?

Complete Order Checkout

How do I checkout with items I have put in my cart?

List & Order Management

Create & Share Lists

How do I create and/or share a list on ShopIBT?

Quick Order

Learn how to use the Quick Order functionality

Upload Order

How do I upload an order from a spreadsheet?

Order History

How do I use the Order History functionality?