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For more than 120 years, Dodge® has been one of the leading suppliers of power transmission products and system components in the world. Today we utilize our global resources to ensure that bearing users throughout the world have access to the highest quality and best selection of mounted bearings in the industry.

Mounted Bearings

  • Mounted Ball Bearings — Available in any of their proven locking devices: the exclusive 65℃ set screw locking system, eccentric locking collars, D-LOK™ concentric clamp locking system and the patented* GRIP TIGHT® adapter mounted ball bearing.
  • Mounted Tapered Roller Bearings — A reputation for reliability for all your conveyance and power transmission needs.
  • Mounted Spherical Roller Bearings — Innovative designs and a wide range of shaft attachment methods, rolling elements, housings and seal choices. Patented features offer a consistent performance.
  • Mounted Plain Bearings — Uniquely engineered to provide reliable performance in every environment. Ideal for air handling, food processing, waste water, high temperature and food/beverage applications.
  • Hydrodynamic Bearings — A great example of the Dodge patented technology that reduces maintenance and ensures long service life.
  • Take-Up Frames — Six different varieties with standard frame travel from 1-1/2" to 60". Built to provide and maintains tension and shaft centers on a variety of belt and chain-type conveyors.


  • TORQUE-ARM® Shaft Mount Reducers — Perfect fit for today’s harsh duty industries. Features include: heavy duty sealing system, steel motor mount system, patented twin tapered brushing system and more.
  • TORQUE-ARM II™ Shaft Mount Reducers — With an Industry-leading backstop design, this product offers a patented sealing system, unparalleled torque ratings, modular steel motor mount system and more.
  • TORQUE-ARM II Motorized Shaft Mount Reducers — Offers advanced sealing features, TA II superior backstop design and reduced assembly time, guarding costs and maintenance requirements.
  • TIGEAR-2® Speed Reducers — Right angle, single stage worm gear reducer with a rugged cast iron housing and power dense gearing design. Includes solid, hollow and Grip-Tight brushing system output shafts.
  • QUANTIS® Reducers & Gearmotors — All three types of reducers that make up the Quantis family (In-Line Helical, Right-Angle Helical Bevel and Motorized Shaft Mount) are engineered for flexibility, greater torque density in a compact housing configuration and increased horsepower capability.
  • MAXUM® XTR Concentric Speed Reducers CST® (Controlled Start Transmissions) — Rugged ductile iron and compact design ensures dependable performance. Designed to optimize contact, reduce stress and maximize efficiency.
  • MAGNAGEAR XTR™ Mounted Bearings — Available in both parallel and right angle configurations, these bearings provide the perfect solution for your high torque application needs.

PT Components

  • Couplings — Product lines include: metallic, elastomeric and mechanical soft starts. Dodge has manufactured couplings for over 100 years and can offer a solution to almost any need while increasing torque capacity, accommodating shaft misalignment, extending life and putting an end to unexpected downtime.
  • Conveyor Components — There are a variety of pulley types, styles, and different options, plus complete pulley assembly packages, including the pulley, lagging, shafting, bearings, couplings and gearing.
    • Pulleys — Choose from a selection of drum, elevator, wing and steel split pulleys.
    • Bushings — High endurance design extends conveyor pulley life.
  • Weld-On Hubs
    • Taper-lock — These hubs, made of 1015-1025 steel, drilled, tapped and taper bored to receive the taper-lock bushing, are useful for welding into fan rotors, pulleys, plate sprockets, etc., Four types of hubs available.
    • QD — For jobs that require secure mounting to the shaft, such as welding into fan rotors, impellers, agitators, etc., these hubs are ideal. Their low carbon steel design allows for good welding compatibility.
  • Sprockets — Dodge offers an assortment of sprocket designs to fulfill any and all of your industrial needs. Synchronous sprockets available in HTD, HT200, HT500 and Dyna-sync, Roller Chain sprockets include Taper-Lock single and double options.
  • Synchronous Belt Drives — No lubrication required. They provide a positive engagement between a toothed belt and a toothed sprocket, and are offered with curvilinear, modified curvilinear and trapezoidal tooth profiles.
  • Sheaves — Whether you need Classical or Wedge V-Drive Sheaves, each is manufactured to ISO 9002 quality standards with precision machining that meets or exceeds joint RMA/MPTA industry standards.
  • Motor Brakes — Motor brakes include the: D-Series, Fractional Horsepower, Shaft Mounted, Clutch and Brake modules or Torque Tamer Mechanical Clutch.

Bulk Material Handling Solutions
Whether you are looking for product solutions for belt conveyors, screw conveyors, bucket elevators, or drag conveyors, Dodge mounted bearings, enclosed gearing, couplings, pulleys and other PT components are engineered and manufactured to perform reliably and with less maintenance. For your bulk material handling needs, Dodge mechanical power transmission products are unmatched in the industry.

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Our Brands
IBT Industrial Solutions is committed to providing the products you need, from the brands you trust. For over 70 years, IBT has represented the leading manufacturers of industrial hardware products. With our emphasis on quality, we have made an extra effort to seek out those suppliers whose products consistently meet our high standards of performance and reliability.

We proudly and confidently stand behind the products we offer, and consider them to be the best available in every product category.

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Putting the Toughest Worm Gearboxes in the Industry to the Test

Putting the Toughest Worm Gearboxes in the Industry to the Test

When it comes to assessing a worm gearbox’s strength, there’s more to consider than a catalog’s ratings. According to Dodge, there is a tradeoff between gearbox rating and gearbox life when it comes to gearbox design. For instance, ratings may not show the full picture when it comes to loadbearing, horsepower, and safety factors.
Improve Your Operations with Agriculture Duty Mounted Ball Bearings

Improve Your Operations with Agriculture Duty Mounted Ball Bearings

From tilling to irrigation to harvest and more, those who operate in the agriculture industry understand the importance of constantly searching for new ways to boost efficiency. In today’s marketplace, with demand at an all-time high, it’s more important than ever that agriculture operations have sustainable, long-lasting equipment that they can depend on.
Top 5 Safety Tips for Manufacturing

Top 5 Safety Tips for Manufacturing

Safety is always important and safety culture takes time to cultivate and grow. Use these five top safety tips to help keep your manufacturing facility safe

1) Identify largest risk areas
The largest safety hazards and risk areas can be easily identified by the frequency that OSHA records violations in those areas.

How Gearboxes & Gear Reducers Add Function & Utility to Power Transmission Operations

How Gearboxes & Gear Reducers Add Function & Utility to Power Transmission Operations

A gearbox — otherwise known as a gear reducer or speed reducer—is a set of gears that can be added to a motor to decrease speed and increase torque drastically. Two standard gearbox configurations are in-line and right angle, though hybrid drives are also available. Read on to learn more ...

Beat Downtime with Dodge Food Grade Products

Beat Downtime with Dodge® Food Grade Products

Food producers, don’t let corrosive agents, moisture, or harsh-cleaning chemicals impact your operations. With the average recall costing $10 million, it’s time to reconsider if your current equipment can protect you from unnecessary downtime and expensive repairs. That’s where Dodge® Food Safe products can help with their food safe ball bearings and gear reducers resistant to grease washout and corrosion.
Dodge Stainless Gearboxes Ideal for Food and Chemical Processing

Dodge® Stainless Gearboxes Ideal for Food and Chemical Processing

If you work in food or chemical processing, then you know that traditional epoxy-painted and cast iron gearboxes don’t last long. The constant chemical exposure, water immersion, abrasion, and high-pressure washdown causes the paint to chip — and rusts the metal, which eventually gets eaten away.

Are Your Bearings Really Considered Food Safe?

Are Your Bearings Really Considered ‘Food Safe’?

Consumer expectations and stringent health regulations increasingly challenge food manufacturers to guarantee higher food grade and hygiene standards. However, harsh chemicals and high-pressure sprays used in clean-in-place (CIP) procedures can quickly deteriorate product reliability. To avoid recalls costing up to $10 million, on average, producers must take a proactive approach to control and prevent foodborne illnesses.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade to the Dodge® Torque-Arm II Today!

5 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade to the Dodge® Torque-Arm II Today!

You’re working through your day just like you would any other day. Suddenly, your inbox and phone is buzzing with notifications. One of your site’s gear reducers is down…again. There is no time to waste, you know that as every minute of downtime ticks by, the cost is racking up. You need a solution and you need it now. These are some of the challenges that our customers face every day and while it might sound a bit geeky, we love solving problems!
Are Your Shaft Couplings The Best Fit For Your Application?

Are Your Shaft Couplings The Best Fit For Your Application?

Every day, applications all over the world — like pumps, motors, compressors, gearboxes, blowers, mixers and conveyors — rely on shaft couplings to operate smoothly and efficiently. But what is it that makes shaft couplings a good fit for a given application? According to Tim Zerger, IBT’s Power Transmission Business Group Director, couplings are specified based on their ability to handle a multitude of facets ...
5 Reasons To Invest In A Stainless Steel Gearbox

5 Reasons To Invest In A Stainless Steel Gearbox

Any time there is a large purchase to be made, it is common to only see the short-term impact. Since stainless steel gearboxes have historically cost almost twice the amount of cast iron, aluminum or epoxy-painted gearboxes, people have struggled to see the long-term value in the investment. However, newer generations of stainless gearboxes not only cost less upfront, but also save you money over the entire lifetime of the gearbox

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