Work Gloves, Competitive Value-Grade Insulated, Drivers Glove, 2XL Size, Cowhide Leather Palm, Cowhide Leather, Beige/Brown, Full Back/Gunn Pattern/Hemmed/Keystone/Standard Finger Style, Thermal Lining, Open/Slip-On Cuff, Primary Polymer Leather Coating, Elastic Closure, 10.63 in Length, Resists: Abrasion, Heat and Puncture

IBT Part#: 89829007900
MFG Part#: 32801XXL
$86.75 / Dozen
  • Size: 2XL
  • Length: 10.63 Inch
  • Palm Material: Cowhide Leather
  • Material: Cowhide Leather
  • Color: Beige/Brown
  • Coating: Primary Polymer Leather
  • Closure Type: Elastic
  • Glove Type: Drivers|NaN mm|in
  • Lining: Thermal
  • Resists: Abrasion, Heat and Puncture
  • Style: Full Back/Gunn Cut/Keystone Thumb/Hemmed/Standard Finger
  • Type: Competitive Value-Grade Insulated